More than an online store

PichShop is the leading Russian online store of cool gifts, design stuff, stylish accessories and a variety of jolly creative things from fashion studios and brands from around the world.

A positive spirit

PichShop is the cheerful shop with a soul! Here lives a happy doggie-toon named Pich. This is a collective image of the traveler and adventurer who has a good nose for a stylish design things. Pich likes to trim the sails to the wind, to sniff out interesting things and bring them to your friends as a gift.

PichShop appealed to Eskimo team to create new brand image. It should become more modern, open, playful, young, unisex and emotional. Logo sign combined the minimalistic image of Pich doggie and form of the name first letter. Simple grotesk font in title supports sign in ā€œPā€ letters form. Logo construction is universal and lets use it in different versions.


Clear type design, flexible layout and punctual work with colors create necessary invisible design focused on goods. Handy for use interface makes easier navigation and goods overview.multiple dots